Welcome to the Foundation’s Program, Cousin! I am absolutely thrilled that you’re here taking this brave leap toward your practice. To show up for yourself in this way takes a whole new level of bad assery, and look at you go! This path is not an easy one. We have worked hard to create a space that is safe, but that isn’t exactly the same as comfortable. There’s no sugar coating that reality, but I tell you what, the deeper you go, the better everything gets. This is a space that you will get support while you work through those moments of discomfort. Your social conditioning is the only thing standing in your way to becoming the witch you have always known deep inside that you are. But, it’s going to stretch you in ways that bump up against that social conditioning, and that can be uncomfortable…at first. You’re more powerful than you can even imagine, and I can’t hardly wait until you can see it for yourself…and you will. I’m truly humbled that you chose to trust this sanctuary space to support you as you remember who you are, and rediscover your personal power! You deserve love, compassion, and community as you travel through this journey home. It’s just so exciting when a new broom shows up, and we’re stoked about getting the chance to get to know you. So, well done following your intuition like this! You have found your path back to your authentic self and you are not alone! The reunion has begun and let me be the first to say, Welcome home Cousin!

Beyond the Broomstick

We have a private Facebook Group - Beyond the Broomstick for past and present members to stay connected, get meeting reminders, and announcements. The link is below.

If you are not on Facebook, let's connect to make sure you are on our mailing list for important updates. The Foundations Member's Area has everything you need to navigate the program. The Workbooks, Zoom Meeting Links, and more are posted here. The Calendar on the website has our full schedule and should reflect in your time zone. 

Please feel free to reach us with any questions. Please note that we do not check private messages often on our social media accounts. Please email us here or send a chat through the Website. We look forward to connecting with you!

3rd Annual Autumnal Convergence

It’s that time, witches! Tickets to our 3rd annual Autumnal Convergence are now live. The end of a cycle, and the beginning of a new one. What better way to celebrate than a big ol witchy family reunion? Together, in person. Deep in the heart of the Mount Hood National Forest. The event planning committee has been hard at work researching, and planning to curate an event that will change your world. Because it most certainly will. You see, it’s not just a reunion. For many of you, this will be your first physical ceremonial experience. Celebrating the closure of this cycle and embracing the transition into the next…as a community. And I’m not talking about the light as a feather, stiff as a board games we played as children. I’m talking a full on ceremonial witchcraft experience. The event planning committee is planning quite the ritual! Just you wait and see!

As the Autumnal Convergence gets closer, we’ll release more information about what you will need to participate in the ceremony. We'll be working a lot of magic over the weekend, and there will be things that you’ll need to bring for those workings as well. We’ll make sure to get you a full list of what you need a minimum of 30 days before the event. The biggest thing to get started on is what you want to wear for ritual. The most important thing is that you choose clothing that makes you feel powerful. You will have plenty of time to adorn yourself before we get started, so it truly can be anything you want. Have fun with it!

This gathering is all about connecting as a community of neurodivergent witches, so in that spirit we will be eating family style. The meal plan will include three meals per day with plenty of snackage in between. Dinner will be provided Friday evening and a continental style breakfast will be available Monday morning. Non-alcoholic drinks like tea, hot cocoa, and coffee will also be provided. These meals will be meticulously curated by our own Shop Keeper Extraordinaire, Kim, embracing the art of kitchen witchery with a focus on nutrition and connection. (If you have any dietary restrictions and/or preferences, please email kim@brightanddark.org).

The Convergence begins on the evening of Friday, September 27, 2024. And will run through to the morning of Monday, September 30, 2024.

We guarantee that tickets will be on sale until August 10th, 2024. After this date, any additional tickets will be sold on a case-by-case basis to ensure that we can accommodate lodging. Please reach out to support@brightanddark.org with any questions.

More in Person Connection?

Our Retreat Volunteers are busy planning for our next Convergence. This is held at a different location every year. We are also working on gathering more often around each equinox. Stay tuned for updates...