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Autumnal Convergence - Tickets

Autumnal Convergence - Tickets

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Tickets are non refundable, but transferable upon request.

Lodging will be purchased separately and pricing will be determined at a later date.

It’s that time, witches! Tickets to our 3rd annual Autumnal Convergence are now live. The end of a cycle, and the beginning of a new one. What better way to celebrate than a big ol witchy family reunion? Together, in person. Deep in the heart of the Mount Hood National Forest. The event planning committee has been hard at work researching, and planning to curate an event that will change your world. Because it most certainly will. You see, it’s not just a reunion. For many of you, this will be your first physical ceremonial experience. Celebrating the closure of this cycle and embracing the transition into the next…as a community. And I’m not talking about the light as a feather, stiff as a board games we played as children. I’m talking a full on ceremonial witchcraft experience. The event planning committee is planning quite the ritual! Just you wait and see!

As the Autumnal Convergence gets closer, we’ll release more information about what you will need to participate in the ceremony. We'll be working a lot of magic over the weekend, and there will be things that you’ll need to bring for those workings as well. We’ll make sure to get you a full list of what you need a minimum of 30 days before the event. The biggest thing to get started on is what you want to wear for ritual. The most important thing is that you choose clothing that makes you feel powerful. You will have plenty of time to adorn yourself before we get started, so it truly can be anything you want. Have fun with it!

This gathering is all about connecting as a community of neurodivergent witches, so in that spirit we will be eating family style. The meal plan will include three meals per day with plenty of snackage in between. Dinner will be provided Friday evening and a continental style breakfast will be available Monday morning. Non-alcoholic drinks like tea, hot cocoa, and coffee will also be provided. These meals will be meticulously curated by our own Shop Keeper Extraordinaire, Kim, embracing the art of kitchen witchery with a focus on nutrition and connection. (If you have any dietary restrictions and/or preferences, please email

The Convergence begins on the evening of Friday, September 27, 2024. And will run through to the morning of Monday, September 30, 2024.

The on-site sleeping accommodations are inclusion style (think big ol slumber party!). We will running our magical lottery system for rooms again this year. Since the main house will have a limited number of beds available, to ensue everyone has a comfortable sleeping arrangement, we will reserve additional homes as necessary. With having multiple houses, we are going to have a LOTTERY SYSTEM for what house you will be staying in. A lottery system?! What do you mean by that?! Let’s talk about how the lottery system will work. When purchase your event tickets on our website, you will be asked what style of room/size of bed you would prefer. The options will be: Private rooms with queen beds, shared room with twin beds, or no preference. With the lottery system, this means that if you purchase a queen bed, you will be put in the lottery for a queen bed in one of the houses. If you purchase a twin bed, you will be put in the lottery for a twin bed in one of the houses. The bed types are going to be based on a first come, first serve basis. What this means is if we have 6 queen tickets bought and we only have 5 queen beds available, the 6th person will be offered a twin bed. We will do everything that we can do to accommodate people’s preferences, but we can’t make any guarantees. With our lottery system, we give more space for our magic to influence where you are staying and who you are sharing your sleeping space with. We will be having the lottery ceremony once all attendees have arrived at the main house.


  • Oh boy… this lottery system is making me feel some feelings… what do I do with this/how do I work through my feelings on this? This is making me question if I want to go or not.
    • We totally understand that this may be quite “poky” to you and bring up multiple different feeling signatures. We want to remind you that this experience is supposed to be one that stretches us at least a little bit. This is an opportunity to trust our guides that we will be rooming/staying in the house with the cousins that we are suppose to be with. It is a great experience to practice working through the perspectives to see how this is “for me”.
  • What if I prefer more private lodging, and desire to stay off the property?
    • That is okay! You’ll just be responsible for securing your accommodations and transportation to and from the main house for the convergence. 
  • What if I talked with a cousin and want to make sure that I room with them in a queen (private) room?
    •  One of you can purchase the queen lodging option and the other person can pay you their portion of the lodging cost. The other cousin would just purchase the event tickets.

So let’s get to the numbers. You will be purchasing two separate items.

  • Event ticket price is $745.00
    • Includes a full weekend of workshops, bonding exercises and magical workings! We are pouring ourselves into putting together a truly life changing experience for all who wish to attend.
    • Includes meals throughout the weekend; dinner on Friday, 3 meals on Saturday and Sunday, and breakfast Monday morning, plus snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.
    • If you have any dietary restrictions and/or preferences, please email to ensure that she is aware.
  • Lodging: TBD
    • The lodging price will be determined once we are closer to the event. We are expecting that lodging should be similar priced as last year (but no guarantees).
    • Last year, the lodging for 3 nights was:
      • Queen bed (Private room): $550
      • Twin bed (in a room shared with others): $325


We guarantee that tickets will be on sale until August 10th, 2024. After this date, any additional tickets will be sold on a case-by-case basis to ensure that we can accommodate lodging. Please reach out to with any questions.

That’s it for now, Cousins. This event is going to be a really big deal and we cannot wait to celebrate with you. The Autumnal Convergence is nigh! Will you be coming home? Let’s make some magic, shall we?

Many blessings, Bright & Dark.

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