Grab your tea and journals, witches! It’s time to do some shadow work. Our community is given a journal prompt every month that corresponds with our current moon focus. Prompted journaling is a really great way to uncover deeply hidden truths in your subconscious mind. This information can lead us to those tender places that need our attention, and healing.

Sacred Space is not just a meeting—it's a sanctuary, a refuge where the Foundations Program members come together to dive deeper into the monthly program focus, to explore the hidden realms of their social conditioning, and to cultivate a profound relationship with how their internal systems influence the systems that shape our external world. Guided by a group of certified program guides known as the Hearthkeepers, these gatherings offer a collective perspective of the mysteries that lie within. The power of validation is immense, and together we will create a tapestry of support, empathy, and understanding. You will find solace in the realization that you are not alone—that others, too, walk a similar path, striving on this journey home. 

These meetings are casual, authentic, and interactive. We value the power of connection, creating an environment where questions are welcomed, dialogue flourishes, and the vulnerability of shared experiences binds us together. Time is generously allocated for meaningful Q&A sessions, where the wisdom of the collective can illuminate the darkest corners of our souls.

To accommodate the diverse schedules of our international community, we offer multiple meeting times and days. It is our commitment to inclusivity and the recognition that unity transcends borders, time zones, and the limitations of geography.