• Jen-Marie

    From a young age, Jen-Marie longed for something more. Even as a child she sought an answer to the question of why she was here, or perhaps the purpose behind the suffering and uncertainty of all human lives. Even a young child could see that something is missing from what schools, churches, and family had taught her about the world. This set fire to a curiosity and passion for truth which would endure through the years, leading her to delve into psychology, the mysteries of the occult, and service to the greater good through a practice of healing and discovery.

    As a neurodivergent High Priestess, spiritual teacher, and shadow work mentor, she has touched the lives of countless individuals. Her spiritual leadership does not consist of dogmatic rules and the certainty of authority. Rather, she is driven to inspire every person she comes into contact with to uncover their own authentic path to meaning and self-actualization. It became clear during her work with various organizations and covens that there can be no meaningful healing or growth without honoring the unique stories of individuals, and allowing them to choose their own way. Through empowerment and encouragement, Jen-Marie uplifts those she serves, helping them to discover their own desires and beliefs and build a life of meaning and a magical practice with purpose.

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  • Kimberly Andrews

    Nestled in the shadow of Mount Hood in the great Pacific Northwest, you’ll find our supply shop manager, Kimberly Andrews foraging through the woods alongside her husband looking for treasures to share. Kimberly is a formally trained nature-based chaos witch, coven sister, and magical craftsperson extraordinaire. From charmed jewelry, to ritual candles, altar tools, and everything in between … if this witch can’t make it for you, she knows one that can. Kimberly and Jen-Marie have been collaborating on workings for the better part of 15 years, and she was the first choice for Bright & Dark Center’s Shop management position. She has an extensive background in retail, hospitality, and the metaphysical arts, so we’re positively thrilled to have her on board. 

    Kimberly was raised a California Christian, and like so many of us, it just didn’t sit right with her. She dabbled a bit here and there (as teen witches do), but wasn’t fully awakened to her truth until a chance meeting through her husband’s co-worker, whose wife was a high priestess. And so began her magical journey. Though Shadow Work is still relatively new to her, it’s had a profound impact on her life. She no longer feels stuck. Everything has just clicked.

    Kimberly and Jen-Marie are the team behind the New Broom Boxes, and everything else available in the supply shop at the resource center.

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