Let’s make some magic, shall we? On the 21st of every month, the ritual crew from The Spellcrafter’s Guild guides Foundations Program members through the wonderful world of ritual and spellcrafts. At the Witch Work Circle, they will walk you through the ritual, and the creation of the spellcraft outlined in the newsletter in a way that is comfortable, casual, and educational. Every month offering a ritual that is a unique reflection of the needs of our community. You'll be given plenty of time to gather materials, ask questions, and really think through the spell so as to ensure a deeper connection and understanding. These rituals provide a unique way to tap into the human experience, setting intentions and goals into a framework of symbolism that is accessible to the subconscious aspects of the mind. It does not require a belief in the supernatural to find meaning in our rituals, but all ways of life and belief systems are welcome. The simple structure allows for people from many walks of life to participate in the way that makes the most sense for them, and ask questions to create rituals rich with symbols and correspondences significant to their culture and lived experiences. The witch work circles are a great way to connect with the other witches in the program. Sharing experiences, perspectives, and practices is how we grow as magical practitioners. We are stronger together.