We spend our lives telling a story about ourselves and about those around us. We shape the story, and in return the story shapes us. The story we tell about ourselves can become a dogma which cages us in black and white morality, causing us to internalize a message of shame and unworthiness, or turn our story against others in acts of projection that enslave others. The tale we tell about ourselves can also liberate us. With intention, we can craft a story that responds to hardship with resilience, joy with gratitude, and doubt with patience.

At the most basic level, that’s all spirituality is - the stories close to our hearts, the archetypes that inspire us, the spaces we inhabit. But the question inevitably arises. Do you like your stories? Do the archetypes you believe in serve you and those around you? Do you feel connected with the spaces you inhabit? If not, there is an opportunity here, one which challenges you to question everything you believe, honestly and bravely, in order to connect with your own power. The power of someone who can change the narrative of their own lives and those around them - of someone who can move deliberately through their life and relationships. The object is not control, but purpose, and a foundation of purpose built on what you hold nearest to your heart.

Maybe you believe in a god or goddess. Maybe you believe in many. You could think of the universe as a single entity, a simulation, or a machine. Perhaps you make sense of life through omens and traditions, or vibrations and energy, or logic and analysis. The way that you find meaning is your own, and it is a beautiful thing to explore it. By developing a personal spiritual practice, you can take charge of your story. With intention, something as common as drinking a glass of water can become a ritual of honoring your body. With time you will come to listen to your body more, and take better care of it, simply by taking a moment of gratitude with a glass of water.

It can start with the smallest thing, even a candle lit for a sick friend, or thanking those who harvested the food for your dinner. Perhaps something more elaborate is to your taste - complicated spells, hours of meditation, or elaborate group rituals. The heart of magic is intention, and as long as you are moving with a purpose true to yourself, you will regret very little in life. Bright and Dark nurtures the magical self and helps you to connect with your purpose. We will help you to develop a personal spiritual practice that works for you and is rooted in what matters most to you. With the help of our support groups, information, and community resources, you will discover the possibility of a life of intention.