Hello, Cousin.

Welcome. We know if you’ve found yourself here, reading these words, it’s because you’re a seeker, and a warrior. You’ve been engaged in battle with the shadows of your own mind, and those of society, for what feels like a lifetime. You try to tame them and you try to fit in, but the effort leaves you exhausted. And while you’ve done your best to fight the good fight, somewhere from the ether, something is calling to you. Maybe you don’t know what it is, or exactly where it’s coming from, but it beckons nonetheless. It pulls and it nags. “There’s a better way,” it sings. “There’s more.” 

There’s a better way to experience your life and all its twists, turns, problems, and joys; in harmony with your own existence rather than fighting against it. Life doesn’t have to feel so hard, so lonely, so overwhelming. Your past doesn’t have to haunt you. You know there’s a better way to confront these shadows and you want to do it, you’re ready. You know there’s so much more to come; a bright and magical life ahead, if you can just fight your way out of the dark.

You can save yourself.
You can find peace.
You are on your way home.
You just need someone to hold the lantern, as you find your way.  

Enter: Bright & Dark, stage left.

We are here to be your Merlin, your Gandalf the Gray, as you continue on your hero’s journey. We’re a resource center for magical practitioners - whether you call that practice witchcraft, mindfulness, shamanism, or something else. We aren't here to tell you what to believe. We’re here to teach you the energetic mechanics that unite us in the mystical, how to wield that magic when confronting the dark, and transmute energy to manifest a brighter reality. Because a better world starts within. 

By thoughtfully observing the inner workings of one’s own mind and body, you’ll begin to understand the repeating beliefs and reels of thought that have created the emotional turmoil which has exhausted your efforts and caused you to stumble. These shadows rear their ugly heads in many forms: fear, impulsive reactions, anger, self-doubt, regret … and left unchecked, they will jump right into the driver’s seat and choose our journey for us.

You’re here because you’re ready to cut your own path through life. We stand ready and waiting to walk beside you, and to hold the lantern up to light your way. We bring with us a bevy of seasoned guides and experienced practitioners from diverse spiritual, cultural, and educational backgrounds who are devoted to having your back. We bring with us a fountain of support via an active community of peers who are already walking beside you. You are not alone and you never have been. Above all, we bring with us our belief in you. Because you, dear one, are a force of the bright and dark. It was your true nature you heard calling from the ether, caged and screaming for healing. 

Let’s go on an adventure to set them free. 

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One-on-one shadow work sessions for those who are ready for a deep dive into the shadowy waters of the unconscious mind.

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Foundations Program

Foundations exists to empower individuals to live a life of purpose, and intention. This program offers a structured way for magical practitioners to approach the recognition of social conditioning and the identification of one’s authentic self.

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A magical subscription box for witches, by witches. The New Broom Box is your pretty passport into the wonderful world of witchcraft and shadow work.

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