• SASS Mass

    In the spirit of embracing the natural inward turn of the world around us, we are excited to share an important update regarding our weekly public meeting, SASS (Spirituality And Support Symposium).

    We transitioned to an invitation-only format to further honor the sanctity of these transformative times.

    This decision aligns with our commitment to embracing this season in our lives as witches by creating a space that fosters deeper connection, support, and positive containment for our community members. We believe that in the intentional embrace of an inward journey, we can enhance the quality of our shared experiences and amplify the magic we co-create.

    Our SASS Mass Meetings occur every Sunday at 11am PST (12pm MST/1pm CST/2pm EST).

    Meeting ID: 827 5066 8672
    Passcode: 011731
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  • Sacred Space

    Sacred Space is where we chat about our Journal Prompt each month. You only have to share if you feel called to do so. This meeting is a safe space to explore the Shadow Work side of our practice.

    Our Sacred Space Meetings occur three times per month.

    You may pick any meeting time that aligns with your schedule.

    7th of Every Month at 1 pm PST/2 pm MST/3 pm CST/4 pm EST

    7th of Every Month at 6 pm PST/7 pm MST/8 pm CST/9 pm EST

    The First Saturday of Every Month at 10 am PST/11 am MST/12 pm CST/1 pm EST

    Meeting ID: 860 3949 6958
    Passcode: 659721
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  • Witchwork Circle

    Witchwork Circle is where we do our Spellcraft each month. You will be guided every step of the way from start to finish. There is a list of suggested supplies in the Workbook. You may want to explore our monthly subscription boxes to get all your supplies each month mailed to your front door. We also will support you gathering your own supplies.

    21st of Every Month at 6pm PST

    Meeting ID: 892 2284 1276
    Passcode: 270553
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All meetings take place on Zoom. If you have any questions please contact support@brightanddark.org. We will see you there cousin!

  • SASS Mass

    All of our past SASS Masses can be viewed on our YouTube.

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  • Witchwork Circle

    The Witchwork Circle meeting for the month will be posted here within 72 hours for those that weren't able to make it or want to rewatch.

    April Witchwork Afterplay 

More in Person Connection?

Our Retreat Volunteers are busy planning for our next Convergence. This is held at a different location every year. We are also working on gathering more often around each equinox. Stay tuned for updates...