Dear Beloved Community,

In the spirit of embracing the natural inward turn of the world around us, we are excited to share an important update regarding our weekly public meeting, SASS (Spirituality And Support Symposium).

We transitioned to an invitation-only format to further honor the sanctity of these transformative times.

This decision aligns with our commitment to embracing this season in our lives as witches by creating a space that fosters deeper connection, support, and positive containment for our community members. We believe that in the intentional embrace of an inward journey, we can enhance the quality of our shared experiences and amplify the magic we co-create.

To request an invitation to the SASS, simply email support at or use our chat feature in the lower right hand corner. The link to SASS will also be conveniently posted in the Foundations Courtyard, The Spellcrafter's Guild, and After Dark spaces. This ensures easy access for our active community members who wish to join.

Your rest and peace are crucial as we collectively navigate this cosmic pause. Let us continue to support and uplift one another, weaving the threads of connection even in the midst of these darker times. 

Bright and Dark Center remains a sanctuary for growth, transformation, and community.

Thank you for being a vital part of this journey.

-Bright and Dark Support