Welcome to a new way to get your witch on! Creating a practice in witchcraft can be really difficult. With so many resources out there, it's understandably challenging to narrow things down in order to create a practice that works for you. I totally get it, and have been hard at work developing this program just for you. The Spellcrafter’s Guild was created as a way for witches of all experience levels to get the support they need to create a magical practice that is uniquely their own. We're going to be doing this in a few different ways. Included in your membership, you will have access to two workshops a month. The first being the Spellcraft studio on the 12th. In this workshop, Jen-Marie will take you into the deeper mysteries of witchcraft, and introduce you to different ways of interacting with your connection to the universe and your personal power. This work is for those that are ready for this sort of focused practice, and it is recommended that registrants participate in at least a few months of the Foundations Program so that they are familiar with the terminology, and some of the basic exercises we will be using (as well as doing some of the shadow work required to be able to perceive the energetic signatures we will be navigating). As with all of our workshops at the resource center, it will be conversational, casual, and interactive. The second workshop is also exclusive to guild members, and will be on the 1st of every month. This is the Refinement Lab, which is an open q&a for all things pertaining to your practice, specifically. It’s an opportunity to ask pointed questions and get feedback not only from myself, but also from your peers. And if that isn't enough already, we have a members-only page for those enrolled in this program, too, where you will find witchwork challenges, be able to chat with others enrolled in the Guild, and exclusive practical application videos intended to expand upon what we cover in the Spellcraft Studio. As well as access to the meeting recordings for 90 days through an archive in case you aren’t able to make the live sessions. I couldn’t possibly be more excited about launching this much needed resource. So if you’re brand new to witchcraft, or just looking for creative ways to breathe new life into your practice, this may just be what you’ve been looking for. Let’s make some magic, shall we?

If interested in joining the guild please email support@brightanddark.org.