Maybe this is the first time you have heard of shadow work. Perhaps you have heard of it, but it brought up ideas about sinister magic with bad intentions. Nothing could be further from the truth. While it deals with fear, and pain, and anger, it does not feed our worst impulses; it simply asks that we pull back the veil in order to acknowledge those emotions and process them.

More often than not, the world tells us to stay quiet about these supposedly negative emotions. People feel uncomfortable hearing about trauma, grief, and anger. Though this is rooted in their own fears, we internalize the message that our tears should be shed in private and that we should quietly solve our own problems, even when it is impossible for us to do so alone. For the comfort of others we put everything that others find distasteful into a dark little box deep inside. When that box finally bursts open, out pours depression, anxiety, rage. We self-destruct or hurt those around us, and lose touch with hope.

Shadow work is rooted in balance, truth, and healing. It offers a time and place to honor the parts of ourselves that we have kept in the darkness. It reminds us that all darkened parts of our hearts are still very much a part of us. Deep love is always paired with the pain of eventual loss. Failure is a powerful tool of learning. Instead of blaming and judging ourselves, we can confront the source of our suffering. It is not a comfortable process, but it is powerful beyond measure.

So I formally invite you to join me in doing the hard but infinitely rewarding work of healing. Allow me to hold your hand as you work through the growing pains of becoming who you want to be, who you were meant to be. Learn to see yourself and others with clear eyes. Take the time to honor the darkness within, and be transformed.

I cannot wait to begin this journey with you. — Jen-Marie