Dear Esteemed Member of The Spellcrafter's Guild

Welcome to the Guild, Cousin, where your journey into magic and self-discovery takes root. Embrace the wonder within you, for you've found a community that celebrates the unique medicine you bring.

As you step into this sacred space, know that your presence is not just valued; it's cherished. Your choice to prioritize your magical practice is a powerful affirmation of your commitment to authenticity. As you navigate the cycles, discussions, and rituals, remember that your journey is deserving of your most present attention. Trust the flow, lean into the experience, and don't hesitate to reach out. Your fellow witches and the support team are here to guide and uplift you.

Engage in the discussions, participate in monthly Lab and Studio, utilize the workbooks, share your experiences, and let the magic flow. Each interaction, question, and exploration brings us closer to a richer understanding of ourselves and the systems we work with.

Allow yourself to feel the power of your presence in the guild, a space where your unique journey unfolds. Trust in the transformative potential of each cycle, and remember, every question you ask, every experience you share, adds to the collective magic we create together.

Never doubt that you belong here; each member is an integral part of the magic that unfolds within these sacred virtual walls. 

May your time in the Spellcrafter's Guild be filled with illumination, empowerment, and the discovery of boundless magic within.

With many blessings bright and dark,
The Guild

More in Person Connection?

Our Retreat Volunteers are busy planning for our next Convergence. This is held at a different location every year. We are also working on gathering more often around each equinox. Stay tuned for updates...