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The Scented Story Teller Wax Melts

The Scented Story Teller Wax Melts

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Remember those amazing wax melts we had in the broom boxes? They were so amazing that we had to order some for the shop. Cara, of The Scented Storyteller, has just stepped into their passion and took that leap to turning said passion into a beautiful little business. The witches of Bright and Dark are ALL about supporting that sort of boss witch energy, so of course we jumped on the opportunity to feature their products at the resource center. We have 12 different scents for you to choose from including these really cool bleeding heart melts.

Bleeding Hearts:

Annabel Lee - This one is a little too relatable. Am I right? Picture this…a beautiful shimmering cold blue heart, that when heated with the warmth of true love…. bleeds RED! As it melts, the bleeding blue heart fills your space with rich notes of Orchid, Sandalwood, and Amber. Is it just me, or does that have lusty romance novel vibes all over it? Either way, I’m super here for it, and I’ve got a feeling you will be as well.

Rainbow Poe- I can’t help but make a squealy voice when describing this one. I love me a good old fashioned rainbow, but this heart bleeds GLITTER!!!!!!! Biodegradable mf’n glitter, witches! My queer heart explodeth over this one. Oh, speaking of explodething (that’s my new word) As the rainbow melts, and the glitter flows, the vibrant flashy scents of Kiwi, Pear, Sour Grapes, Raspberry, and Peach parade through your space like drag queen on a cat walk.

Nevermore- No need to go prying up the floorboards in search of that relentlessly beating heart. It’s right here! Let the madness subside…or don’t. I’m certainly not one to tell you what to do with your life. Be mad. Be wild. Be whatever your pretty little heart desires. But when you’re ready, place this beating heart into your wax melter thingy, and watch it bleed BLACK! Muahahahahahhhh! (that was maniacal laughter. I’m still working on it.) That’s right. Let this heart show you it’s true colors as your space fills with the hauntingly refreshing scent of Blood Orange & Crushed Red Currant Berries.


Crystal Wax Melts:
These melts are charmed with the feeling signature of their namesake crystal. Did you know that different scents elicit different feeling signatures as well? Well, now ya do, and Cara with the scented storyteller Not only can you dial in the fragrance you desire for your space, you can dial in the energetics as well! Sometimes busy witches need a little boost. So, here you go….boost away, Cousin!

Amazonite: Amazonite is charged to help with good fortune, money, and luck. Aloe, White Lily, Tuberose, and Eucalyptus.

Red Vanadinite: Encourages creativity, curiosity, and playfulness. Cinnamon Sticks, Red Delicious Apple, and Brown Sugar.

Blue Quartz: Blue Quartz charged to promote truth, empathy, and serenity. Almond Butter, Jasmine, Sea Salt, and Sandalwood.

Black Cassiterite: Cassiterite is charged to keep people grounded, and aid in meditation. Fresh Bamboo, Lavender, Black Calla Lily, and Amyris.

Sunset Fluorite: Sunset Fluorite is perfect for connecting you to your intuition, balance and joy. Tree Ripened Pear, Dark Lemon, and Crushed Black Currant.

Orange Citrine: This melt is charged for bringing bright balance, joy, optimism, and positivity. Blood Orange, Sweet Honeysuckle, Jasmine, and Yellow Roses.

Unakite Jasper: This glorious melty goodness is spelled for maintaining innocence and encouraging growth. Cool Cucumber, Sparkling Pink Grapefruit, and Sage Leaf.

Amethyst: Full crazy busy day? Melt this little wonder to calm an overworked mind and dispel negativity. Bergamot, Raspberry, Calla Lily, and Orchid.

Blue Imperial Topaz: Is perfectly charged to encourage openness and truth. Mandarin, Ylang Ylang, Plum, and Hydrangea

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