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New Broom Box

New Broom Box

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A magical subscription box for witches, by witches.

The New Broom Box is your pretty passport into the wonderful world of witchcraft and shadow work. Don’t let the discrete exterior packaging fool you. Designed by yours truly, I think this little treasure is going to change your life. For this box, I created custom rituals geared for the beginner practitioner, all in alignment with the cycles of the moon. Everything you need to perform your rites is included within. Each moon cycle features a new batch of boss witch wares, crafted with care by dedicated and knowledgeable magical practitioners. Your subscription to the broom box supports their small business, and the custom packaging includes their contact information to add to your list of trusted suppliers. Your New Broom Box will come with all of the materials needed to perform a full moon spellcraft, detailed on a beautiful parchment instruction scroll that can be affixed to your Book of Shadows. The equally stunning journal prompt card will serve as inspiration for your shadow work. I’m also giving you a badass bracelet that I crafted myself! The charms, beads, and materials used have been charged to support you as you work through this cycle of your worthy new practice. Each Cycle will feature a tarot or oracle deck that has been purchased directly from the original artist as a way of allowing you to check out their creation first hand to see if it resonates with you. To top it all off, every box will include a special surprise gift that I either create in my own workshop, or have some of my favorite witch owned business make exclusively for you! I’m just so proud of you for stepping up and choosing to align with your calling. This box represents the spirit of witchcraft. Witches helping witches helping witches. Welcome home, Cousin! Let’s do this!

*The New Broom Boxes ship out on the 21st of every month. You will receive a notification with a tracking number as soon as your shipping label is printed. We order extra supplies to account for growth, but those supplies are often custom hand crafted items and therefore limited per cycle. On the rare occasion that we are unable to fill your brand new subscription, you will be given the option to be either refunded for that box, or have us put together a specially curated waiting list box for you. Either way, you will be added to the next cycle of boxes. It hasn’t actually happened yet, but the orders are growing at an alarming rate, and we want to be prepared if we underestimate our potential at some point. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we grow and continue to support small witch owned businesses through this amazing program.*

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