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New Broom Box Subscription

New Broom Box Subscription

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A magical subscription box for witches, by witches.

Step into a world of enchantment and self-discovery with The New Broom Box, a monthly subscription curated by witches for witches. Unveil the transformative power of shadow work, harmonized with the rhythms of the seasons and moon cycles. This box is your key to unlocking the mysteries within, providing handcrafted tools, supplies, and expertly designed kits to guide you on a journey of profound self-exploration.

Discover What Awaits:

In each box, you'll find all the ingredients for your monthly rituals and crafts, meticulously chosen to align with the energies of the moment. But that's not all. We've sprinkled in custom tools and enchanting gifts, each handcrafted under strict ritualistic guidelines, designed to deepen your connection with your craft and guide your journey through the year.

Instructional Videos: Access exclusive instructional videos to complement the contents of each box. Let seasoned witches guide you through rituals, spells, and practices, bringing the magic to life in your sacred space.

Embrace the Magic Within:

The New Broom Box isn't just a subscription; it's a portal to self-discovery and empowerment. Align your journey with the ebb and flow of seasons and moons, navigating the landscapes of your shadows. Uncover hidden wisdom and let your magic flourish in harmony with the natural rhythms of the universe.

*The New Broom Boxes ship out on the 21st of every month. You will receive a notification with a tracking number as soon as your shipping label is printed. On the rare occasion that we are unable to fill your brand new subscription, you will be given the option to be either refunded for that box, or have us put together a specially curated waiting list box for you. Either way, you will be added to the next cycle of boxes. It hasn’t actually happened yet, but the orders are growing at an alarming rate, and we want to be prepared if we underestimate our potential at some point. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we grow and continue to support small witch owned businesses through this amazing program.*


*We handcraft each subscription with seasonal magic and lunar wisdom. Due to small batches and the artistry of experienced witches, the contents of your box may vary slightly from images. Embrace the beauty of these unique variations, for they enhance the exclusive, personalized journey that awaits you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I love the broom boxes. It so easy to have your ingredients ready for you to use. Thank you Bright and Dark!

Anita Sifuentes
Inexpensive items for $40

I received 3 broom boxes and I felt they were not worth the $40. Most items in the boxes were no use to me so I donated most. I felt bracelets and other trinkets in there may have been ok for younger people but I would have liked to have gotten crystals. Books, herbs and or other items I could have kept. Maybe instead of just one card from a deck, I could have gotten a whole deck of tarot or oracle cards. Overall items seems cheap and not worth the money I spent for subscription.
Thanks !

Stefanie S
I look forward to it every month

New broom box delivery day is my favorite! It's always so carefully packaged and has everything I need for the work that month. The monthly oils are always incredible and I love getting the bracelet to wear throughout the month.

Alissa Stickel
Wonderful starter!

The box is very well thought out, I loved having the support for the beginning of the Foundations program. Now I am going to transition to collecting my own supplies as I find it to be a part of the process, but I will miss the special added whimsy and charm that the box provides. I might miss it too much and return. We shall see.

New Broom Box

The power in this little box is palpable. Everything is packaged with such care and subtlty. I could feel the care and intention everything was made and added to the experience. As a new broom it was so fun to experiment with different practice tools and this provided a safe space for me to try some new things. It all resonated so beautifully with me and together as an entire package. The craftsmanship and sheer magic that was put into these items made for a wonderful experience. and I can use most of it again and again and again! So win! Definitely worth it1