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With so many of our elders still in the broom closet, finding knowledgeable teachers is challenging, and often takes a personal introduction. This is hands down the most difficult aspect of creating a new magical practice. That being said, Bright and Dark will be bringing the elders to you by hosting two hour interactive workshops facilitated by these experts. All workshops are a flat rate, with the majority of the ticket price going directly to the elder that is sharing their wisdom and experience. We’ve created a platform so that all they have to do is to show up, teach, and answer questions. You can even request workshop topics by email! Let me know what you want to learn, and I’ll use my connections in the community to find an elder who has expertise in that field. This is yet another everybody wins kind of dynamic… which is my favorite way to play. New workshops will be announced through the monthly newsletter, so don’t forget to subscribe!

These recorded workshops were hosted online. Your email confirmation will include a link to the recorded workshop.

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