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Spellcraft Composition with Jen-Marie - Recording

Spellcraft Composition with Jen-Marie - Recording

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When most people think of witches, they envision mysterious figures bent over cauldrons, whispering ancient incantations, and casting spells. We think of countless bottles and boxes filled with obscure ingredients lining dusty shelves, and candles flickering in sweetly scented smoke filled rooms. A big old book full of complicated formulas sits center stage, and must be followed perfectly lest you summon something sinister. Though these visions are excellent material for really great stories...the over sensationalization of it all makes it almost unattainable to those new to the craft. They think that in order to practice, they have to have access to a secret book passed down through generations, and be able to conjure fire from their fingertips. I’m here to tell you, this is not a concept based in this reality. I mean, a little...but not really.

You don’t have to be born of witches to practice. You can write your own big book of formulas, and make them as simple or as complicated as you desire. All you need is to know the why, when, how, and what of spellcrafting to begin creating spells of your very own. In this workshop, we will be covering the basics of spellcraft composition! This is a huge topic with so much nuance, so we are going to be covering a lot of information.

Definitely be prepared to take notes! We will be creating a spell together!

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