Spell Craft Kits

Spell Craft Kits

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What witch doesn't like a good spell craft kit am I right? Regardless of your experience as a magical practitioner these kids are a fun way to expand your repertoire of spells. Each kit is handmade within sacred space by our resident Craftmaster. Yep, you heard that right, made by witches for witches for use in their practice. Each kit contains all of the base materials required to create the spellcraft, along with step by step instructions, written by yours truly, in such a way that any witch from any tradition can participate successfully. Did I mention that it's written on a beautiful parchment scroll that can be easily affixed to your book of shadows?These kits are intended as the foundation of your spell. Personalization is highly encouraged! We are constantly adding new kits to this line so check back frequently!

Wishing Moon Kit
Wishing Paper. Manifestation can be tricky work. Not only do we need to discover what we truly desire under all that social conditioning, but we also need to dig deep into our beliefs about getting what we want. Basic law of attraction stuff. You attract what you carry. Like attracts like. If you carry the belief that having your needs met is selfish or impossible, you will attract experiences that support that belief. These beliefs actually draw to us the kind of life that perpetuates a state of lack, and suffering. You don’t have to participate in that. Let’s make some wishing paper!

Zenith Moon Kit
Crown of Glory. How can we manifest greatness if we are ashamed or afraid of it? Seriously, though? It truly doesn’t make sense to me anymore, and hopefully, after this month you’ll see the folly of this antiquated social construct as well. Free to finally strut proudly with your head held high. You have worked hard to get to where you are in this moment. You deserve recognition for that. The human experience is the most challenging aspect of the evolution of our souls. We need all the encouragement, and support we can get. Both from our peers, as well as from ourselves. This spellcraft is an origami crown. Each piece of paper we add to the crown represents one of the successes that we’re really proud of. We’ll be charging quartz crystal chips to aid us in embracing those victories as if they were a jewel in our diadem. Feel free to collect other bits and bobbles to add to your crown as well. Just make sure that they’re small enough to be supported by the paper, and that they have significant meaning to you. I’m so looking forward to seeing all of you rocking your crowns of glory.


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