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Rituals & Revelry: Midnight Sun Edition

Rituals & Revelry: Midnight Sun Edition

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Tickets are non refundable, but transferable upon request.

*Worksheets and Zoom links will be provided via email closer to date of event.

Welcome to Rituals and Revelry: Midnight Sun Edition 🌟🔮

Hey there, beautiful soul 🌿🔥. If you've ever felt a bit out of sync with the world, like you're dancing to a rhythm only you can hear—this invitation is for you. Imagine a place where that unique rhythm is the music we all dance to, where your magic isn't just accepted; it's celebrated. Welcome to our Virtual Live Staycation Retreat, Rituals and Revelry: Midnight Sun Edition.

About Our Gathering:

From June 14th at 2pm PST to June 16th at 9am PST, we're opening a virtual door straight into the heart of Alaska—right from Jen-Marie’s sanctuary. And guess what? You don’t even have to leave your cozy nook to join us. This retreat is all about connecting, learning, and sharing in a space where every neurodivergent witch can shine.

Why You? Because you're seeking playful, deep connections with folks who get it. Those who've felt the sting of being misunderstood, who crave a community that sees the magic in their differences. We’re here, ready to welcome you with open arms (and a little bit of mischief).

Here’s What We’ve Got Planned:

  • Cozy Fireside Chats: Let’s talk about the upcoming Solstice, and how the seasonal shift influences our unique systems as witches.
  • Wild Alaskan Adventures: Ever dreamt of exploring Alaska's wilderness? Let’s wander together, virtually, under the midnight sun.
  • Movement and Magic: Learn how to incorporate movement and intentional presence to deepen your connection to your body and magic.
  • Witchy Kitchen Crafts with Kim: Create a ceremonially enchanted spellcraft from your own kitchen that your whole family will love.
  • Ceremonies That Welcome All: Whether you’re taking your first steps into witchcraft or you’ve been walking this path for years, our ceremonies are radically inclusive and designed for every experience level.

A Little About Us:

  • Jen-Marie: Your guide, a high priestess with a love for laughter and a heart for creating spaces where everyone belongs.
  • Kim: Our culinary wizard, who’ll teach you the secret language of food and magic.
  • Whit: The soul who'll lead us in movement, helping you find the joy in every step.
  • Akasha: Our tech witch, ensuring we’re all connected, no matter where we are.

Why This Matters:

Your presence matters. Not just to us, but to every witch joining from across the globe. By coming together, we’re not just attending a retreat; we’re weaving a tapestry of connection, understanding, and acceptance. Your ticket supports the operations and expansion of Bright and Dark Center LLC, a beacon for neurodivergent witches seeking sanctuary, community and growth.

Ready to Join Us?

If your heart’s saying yes (even if it’s whispering), we’re here to pull up a chair for you. Spaces are like gold dust—we only have 30 spots, and they fill up fast. With a spirit of adventure and hearts open wide, let’s step into a weekend where you're celebrated for just being you.

Cost: $333, with payment plans available through Shopify. Every cent goes back into creating more spaces like this.

Can’t wait to meet you, to laugh with you, and to share this magical space with you. 💖✨

*Worksheets and Zoom links will be provided via email closer to date of event. YOU MUST CONSENT TO EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE TO GET THEM.

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