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Relishing Bath Potion

Relishing Bath Potion

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You’ve really been through the ringer, and taking 20 minutes to soak up a reminder that your life has a purpose and a power that is uniquely your own is just what the witch doctor ordered. Our Relishing bath potion is a super sensual way to bask in the glory of your own power, even if just for that 20 minutes. This potion was created to nourish the skin, ease tension, and amplify your sense of divinity. Oh, and can we take a moment to slow clap for that scent profile? Delish!

Ingredients: Epson Salts, Sodium Bicarbonate, Dead Sea Salt, Natural Citric Acid, Jasmine, Calendula, Lavender, Cornflower, Viola Tricolor. Fragrance profile: Jasmine, lavender, sage, and honey.

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