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Private Witch’s Call Orientation - One on One Mentoring with Jen-Marie

Private Witch’s Call Orientation - One on One Mentoring with Jen-Marie

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Did you hear the Witch’s Call, but don’t know where to go from there? Do you feel that private mentoring is more in alignment with where you are in your journey as a newly called Witch? The Witch’s Call Orientation is a 7-week course created specifically to give you the tools and information you need to start your journey in this magical world with confidence, and in alignment with your personal calling. These 90 minute, interactive, and conversational sessions break down the basics in a way that is easy to follow and deeply relatable.

I know you have a lot of questions. Of course you do! This is going to be the perfect resource for those starting out on their path as a New Broom. Under personal guidance and mentorship, you will have all you need to build your own personalized practice in witchcraft, including how to decide what that even looks like. Every week I will take you through a different aspect of building your craft. Each session’s lesson, building upon the previous one. As a High Priestess, it is my honor to hold the light for you as you begin to remember who you are, and step into your full power as a magical practitioner. Together, we will be cultivating your relationship with your intuition, your spirit team, and creating a practice that aligns with your purpose, and power. Through good old fashioned Q&A, guided meditations, channeled messages, intuitive readings, exercises, and yes….plenty of witch work, you will take back your birthright, step into your power…and rise.

Before you choose a tradition … Before you decide what sort of witch you want to be …Let the information in this course prepare you for all of those things, and more. Welcome Home, Cousin. Let’s make some magic, shall we?

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1: Intro to Shadow Work: Addressing Your Social Conditioning and Limiting Beliefs About Witchcraft

Most of us remember hearing stories of evil witches lurking in dark places, ready to pounce on unsuspecting victims. We were subjected to this narrative from countless sources as children, and it actually really sticks with us. That fear will lurk in the recesses of your mind and wreak havoc on your practice. So let’s get right to it. You’ll get to ask a real High Priestess all of your deep, dark questions, and get genuine answers. We’ll work through any resistances that you might have so that you can define witchcraft for yourself. In this way, I will introduce you to the basics of shadow work.

2: The Clairs and Your Spirit team

We are most definitely not alone. In this class, we will cover the many ways that our bodies receive information and interact with energy, as well as an in-depth explanation on how to establish effective communication with your spirit guides and the universe at large.

3: Source Energy - How to Turn the Oven On

Are you a good witch, or a bad witch? Do you work with white magic, or is black the best for you? Right-hand path, or do you want to lean left? Personally, I’ve never liked these descriptions of magical polarities. We will dive into the concept of the great polarities (Power Over All and Power For All), and how to determine which direction you want to choose with your workings. As witches, we are the embodied fragments of the universe, and therefore have full access to the infinite energy of the cosmos. With every magical working, we polarize ourselves. This is the whole point of the human experience for witches. The choice. Which is all awesome, but you’re not really doing much with it if you don’t know how to tap into it, and direct the flow where you want to. This is going to take practice, but we are literally designed to be really great at it.

4: Book of Shadows

Let’s get crafty, Cousin! In this class, we will construct a slipcover for a 3-ring binder that will be your very first Book of Shadows! A witch’s Book of Shadows is the physical representation of their journey in witchcraft. Not only will we be creating our own custom covers, but I’ll cover what we use them for, how to uncover and document your personal correspondences, and why it’s so vital that you do. There will be lots of time to ask all of your BOS questions!

5: Spellcraft

Let’s be honest. The fun part of witchcraft is the spell work, isn’t it? Witches feel a powerful urge to work. Our work is the intentional manipulation of energy. In this class, we will cover the why, what, when, and how of spellcraft. You will not only learn how to write spells that are deeply meaningful to you, but you’ll learn how to determine the polarity of existing spells, and how to adjust them to align with your path. We’re going to do this by writing your own dedication spell for your practice!

6: Rituals and Altar Work

Now that we have a grasp on spellcraft, we’re going to learn about the ritual arts and altar use. You’ll learn how to determine if the catalyst you’re dealing with requires a spellcraft, a ritual, or an altar working. Or all three! I’ll break down the components and teach you how to write rituals and create altar workings that are meaningful to YOU. You will be writing your own dedication ritual!

7: Covens, Mentors, and Groups

We’re going to wrap up the course with a recap, and discuss what your next steps might look like. You'll learn how to determine the polarity of a teacher, group, or coven. You will learn what different ‌groups are out there, and if you even want to do group workings.