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Patient Moon Box / August 2023

Patient Moon Box / August 2023

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August Broom Box is all about Coping Mechanisms!

In this box you will find everything you need for your August Spell Craft, and Journaling work. The spell craft kit includes 3 6ft hemp string, one button, two beads, and two charms. For your journaling we have your Beeswax candle, Incense from insixthsense, Tea from Natural Healing solutions, and your journal prompt card. Extras in the box include a special Gift, Spelled Body oil to use throughout the month for your workings, a treat for after the ritual and a tarot card.

In our spellcraft, we’ll be using knot magic and incantations to create a bracelet that will bring our awareness to our reach, and provide that feeling of positive containment while we finally allow our bodies to actually process the emotion that we’ve been so desperately trying to avoid. We’re not forcing any change here. No need to toss your favorite coping mechanism out the door just yet. All we’re doing is taking a peek, and letting a little of that emotional pressure out so that you can finally experience some real relief.

I wish you many blessings bright, and dark.

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