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Parenting and your Practice with Jen-Marie - Recording

Parenting and your Practice with Jen-Marie - Recording

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Practicing shadow work as a parent can feel like you’re operating on a whole other level - because you are! You’ve got these external representations of your own internal children walking around, talking smack, pushing all of your buttons … it’s a lot. And there’s more. As you learn about how our primitive brains are programmed, you might start to realize how you’ve actually affected your children and that realization can bring a lot of guilt and shame with it.

The good news is, you can achieve a lot of personal healing through cultivating your relationships with your children as well as the relationships you needed when YOU were a child. These realizations can lead you into making that choice to do things differently, to break those generational curses.

In this workshop, Jen-Marie will guide you through all of this and more. You’ll learn about inner-child work with your kids, as well as what generational curses are and how to break them. Wondering how to include your children in your practice without infringing upon their free will and diverting their path? How to teach them without forcing it? This workshop has got you covered.

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