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Gender Magic: A Course in Deconstruction and Application

Gender Magic: A Course in Deconstruction and Application

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Every Wednesday
03/06/2024 thru 04/17/2024 at 5pm PST

Welcome to Gender Magic: A Course in Deconstruction and Application, a transformative journey designed to explore the multifaceted landscape of gender identity.

Led by Ezra and Ocean, this course invites you to embark on a profound exploration of the self, delving into the historical, physical, energetic, and emotional dimensions of gender. Beginning with a nurturing introduction that includes self-reflective meditations and open discussions, each subsequent session guides you through the intricate layers of gender deconstruction. From challenging societal norms to connecting with your body's innate wisdom, and exploring the energetic and emotional dimensions of gender. This workshop is a safe space for self-discovery, validation, and community building.

Join us as we navigate the realms of Gender Magic, empowering you to authentically embrace your unique journey and fostering a deeper understanding of the rich tapestry of gender diversity.


Week 01 - Introduction - 03/06/2024

To start our course we'd like to introduce ourselves and learn everyone's names and pronouns before we settle in with a self illuminating meditation led by Ezra. We'll define and put into context the language and terminology that's used in the trans and gender diverse community. We'll leave plenty of time for any questions you have and hold space for your initial thoughts and feelings about gender. In each class we will end with a journal prompt to discuss at the start of the next week's class.

Week 02 - Mind - 03/13/2024

Here we'll be taking you on a journey through the history of gender and how the concept of the binary became a social construct. The role of gender in colonialism and patriarchy. Then we'll be deconstructing everything you know about the concepts "masculine" and "feminine."

Week 03 - Body - 03/20/2024

Next we'll drop down into our bodies with a meditation from Ocean. You'll feel out gender physically. We'll discuss how gender and sexuality are different, doing a deep dive into beauty standards, and debunking sex as a binary. We'll also talk about gender affirming care and why some people choose body modification and others do not. At the end we'll provide a journal prompt and an exercise to support your gender alignment journey.

Week 04 - Energetic Self - 03/27/2024

We'll be zooming out from the body and mind with an exercise by Ocean to discuss gender on an energetic level. We'll be deconstructing gendered energy and feeling into your unique frequency and how to "feel" out your gender. This will end with a fun exercise in exploring feeling signatures related to gender and how we uniquely identify them.

Week 05 - Heart - 04/03/2024

This will be a discussion based meeting where we'll be considering our emotional connection to gender. We'll be discussing what's come up for you so far in the workshop and talking about self validation. And ending with a journal prompt to get you curious about the next class.

Week 06 - Gender Magic and Your Practice - 04/10/2024

In this meeting we'll be discussing the shadow work that comes up with deconstructing gender and how authentic gender carries into your magical practice. We'll also discuss deconstructing gender in regards to diety work. And any questions that come up specific to your magical practice.

Week 07 - Conclusion - 04/17/2024

Finally we'll conclude by repeating the first meditation from the course to check how your experience has shifted if it has. We'll ask you about your experience of the workshop and answer any unresolved questions. And discuss what supporting each other and your gender diverse community looks like going forward.

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