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Foundations Program

Foundations Program

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Terms of Engagement

Welcome to the Bright & Dark Sanctuary Community - our sacred place between worlds where we build real, meaningful relationships outside the rules of society. The most important thing to be aware of in this space is that, as witches, we engage with intention. Witches, by nature, want to help and heal. That means we hold each other accountable to our emotions and triggers and that can sometimes feel uncomfortable or intrusive to those who are not familiar with engaging in this way, or who perhaps have never had a truly safe space to practice honest, genuine communication. For this reason, we place a lot of value on the importance of consent, and we have put this section together in the spirit of protecting you and all our members from further emotional wounds. Engaging with intention and consent in mind: Being shadow work-based means we often unpack some difficult subject matter. Are you looking for compassion or solutions? If you just need to vent - great! Say that. If you need to vent AND you're looking for feedback, say that! We value open and emotionally honest communication. If another member does not clarify this and you want to engage with their post, ASK them if it is okay to offer support and/or advice. When posting, ask yourself, "what is my intention behind posting this?" And be mindful of when your ego is involved. While we don't encourage trauma-dumping, we recognize that sometimes that's a need someone might have and that is valid. We encourage our members to ask, "Is it okay to dump out my suitcase?" You will find many members will rush to help you unpack, but it also prepares those who do not have a full cup that day to spend their time in another room while you and others unpack.

Basic terms of engagement:

  • We support diversity and we are radically inclusive. Discriminatory language and hate speech is not in alignment with this space.
  • We are respectful, civil, considerate, and welcoming.
  • We are mindful of keeping our content relevant to the channel it is posted in.
  • Every time you post, every member gets a notification. Spamming can be overwhelming, and is not in alignment with what we're doing here.

Remember, this is a sacred, safe space built on trust where we occasionally discuss sensitive, personal subject matter. What happens here, stays here. There are no exceptions. Any member that breaks this agreement, intentionally or otherwise, will be given a first, gentle warning to remind them why some felt their agreement was broken. If a second warning is necessary, that member will be given a "week off" - they will still be able to see our conversations but will not be able to post during their week off. This provides an option for those who are struggling to observe how the group interacts for a period to get a better handle on how we engage. If, after reintroduction, a member continues to experience issues, they will be removed from the community and encouraged to invest in their shadow work journey through private sessions until they are healed enough to navigate this kind of community without further wounding themselves, or others.

*In the event that the support team at Bright and Dark Center LLC feel that our program is not a good fit for an enrolled member, or that their needs are not in alignment with our mission, we reserve the right to remove that member from the program at our discretion.

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