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Crystalline Mysteries: Crystal Grids with Pamela

Crystalline Mysteries: Crystal Grids with Pamela

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Crystals are a wonderful tool to support a witch’s magical practice. Maybe you’re just starting out on your crystal journey, or maybe you’re overrun with tumbles and specimens. Regardless of your crystal collection status, do you know that you can put your crystals to work for you? Why not try crystal grids…a fun and easy way to augment your daily craft!

In this workshop you’ll learn grid basics, including: grid types, selecting crystals, setting intentions, activating, maintenance, and grid release/deconstruction. As with all workshops with Bright and Dark, this will be interactive with questions and lively discussion welcome.

This workshop is not just theory…the group will be creating a crystal grid together! A list of materials you’ll need to gather will be supplied once you sign up. (Don’t worry, it’s not a huge list and if you don’t have the items it will not affect participation in the workshop.)

It’s not required but recommended to have attended or watched the first workshop in this series, Crystalline Mysteries with Pamela.

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