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Charmed Bracelets

Charmed Bracelets

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The work that you’re doing is important, and I want to do everything in my power to aid you in this monumental journey. These bracelets are a symbol of just that. I use materials, stones, and charms that support this moon cycle’s focus, and charge them myself. Think of it like a witchy friendship bracelet. From my heart to yours. I’m just so proud of you.

Limited quantities.

Flicker Moon Bracelet: This Bracelet is charmed to light your path as you begin this journey to uncover your truth. Yes, that means it actually glows! Amazonite is known as the gentle healer. It promotes hope, and peace while encouraging kind communication. I’ve also added birchwood beads. Birch represents rebirth, new beginnings, and growth. The charm is a heart, representing your own personal sacred space. All together making the ideal tool for allowing your truth to shine through.

Living Moon Bracelet:. Rhodonite, Sandalwood, Hand 

Wishing Moon Bracelet: Aventurine, Silver, Shooting Stars

Balance Moon Bracelet: Sodalite, Mahogany, Scales

Zenith Moon Bracelet: Carnelian, Wedgwood, Crown

Refining Moon Bracelet: We’ve made a journey bracelet like none other before it. We’ve doubled up on the crystal aly this month with both rutilated quartz for clarity of thought and insight, and natural lava for courage, strength, and focus. If we want to take it to the next level, we can add some supportive anointing oil to the beads! The rose gold is to remind us that we deserve our love and attention, and the leaf charm signifies that there is power in these repeating cycles. We have the power to move through them, and to grow. Together. Rutilated Quartz, Lava Beads, Leaf Charm

Dreaming Moon Bracelet: Your journey bracelet this month is very intentionally simple. We are showcasing Howlite for its soft and peaceful energy. Howlite is known to be the stone of infinite patience. It helps bring new ideas into focus and aids in achieving ambition. We thought that this would be the perfect stone for calming the mind enough to allow your dreams to come to the surface. Howlite, Fire Bead, Feather

Patient Moon Bracelet: The Crystal companion on this bracelet is Amethyst for it’s emotional soothing properties. Lean into the frequency of the crystal to provide a buffer while you work toward creating new coping skills that promote expansion and growth. The color green is also used as an extra boost to support this frequency. Let’s not forget that adorable dragon charm! Aren’t they cute? Waaaay cuter than the dragon we’ve been chasing eehhh?

Changing Moon Bracelet: Rainbow Tigers eye, Silver, Key Charm

Naked Moon Bracelet: Rose Quartz, Rose Wood, Mask- To Thine own self be true

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